Who Is Managing Your Digital Signage Network?

Why You Should Have a Digital Signage Champion

Maximize Your ROI/ROO


In order for your digital signage implementation to be successful, you need a team or team member to fully "own" the project.

If there is no clear ownership from day one, your digital signage efforts will fail, which means little to no ROI or ROO.

It is essential to get buy-in from every department before proceeding with the digital signage project to establish everyone's roles as well as the goals and objectives for the project. 

Assigning a dedicated digital signage champion:

  • Prevents content from going stale
  • Allows your company to form a centralized communication strategy
  • Keeps everyone up to date with new digital signage apps and features

Download the guide for a list of different roles within your company that can positively contribute to the overall success of your digital signage. 

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